January 4, 2011


Life at 6…

Tonights blog is about life at at 6 years old. Of course, you may be curious as to why I am doing this? Quite simply because my middle son just recently had his 6th birthday and since we were all mostly playing ‘go fish’ with who was not 100% well over the last week, his birthday was very low key with just us, the family, to celebrate with. So we just declared it his birthday week and would do things to honor and celebrate his birthday at a time when it could easily be over shadowed by Christmas and New years!

So what does a day in the life of a home schooled 6 year old look like? From his perspective (and a little assistance from my typing), here we go..:

Well… I started by waking up, then I came to your room to find you and mom..some snuggle time for a few minutes, telling you how much I loves you and would love a waffle for breakfast. After breakfast we watched some educational stuff together for a bit (you and mom made phone calls, email, etc. for business stuff I think). After some learning time we played outside for a bit. I like to swing, so I did that on the tire swing. We had spaghetti for lunch and after some rest time we were back outside to play for a while. Dad set up the soccer goal I got for my birthday and Xavier came over to play to and we ran and played until everyones legs were tired and we could hardly walk. It was really fun to kick a lot of goals and then show mom how good I’m getting. When we cleaned up our toys, it was bath time! I avoid baths better than a cat does water, but mom and dad ganged up on me today and the next thing I knew I was having fun in the tub! This was OK because I got to play LEGO STAR WARS on Wii when it was done. Then we had dinner, some yummy pork chops and jasmine rice that mommy made, and a little more time to play Wii! I love playing STAR WARS Wii! When the timer went off it was time to relax for the night.. I snuggled with dad and as he finishes typing this my eyes are closed and I’m drifting off to sleep….

And there you go, the life of a 6 year old! Granted, not every day is like this, sometimes its got lots more core school stuff involved, sometimes more art stuff, but hey, just like real life its not an exact science blueprint but a series of rough guidelines. The main thing is the goals of instilling discipline in life mixed with remembering to take care of yourself, taking advantage of personal growth activities, and enjoying living life are being taught to our boys all while keeping the academics part enjoyable and engaging.

Imagine this, if today you started living life as if you were 6 again how freeing would it be? That doesn’t mean you shed all your responsibilities, just simply addressing it differently…

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