December 18, 2010



I’m not going to write and make up a bunch of hooha…. not even linking another’s blog tonight.. lots of thoughts going through my head and honestly, there can’t be a better way to say that while I’m very focused on my family and creating a better tomorrow and sharing my thoughts on all of that…. in the present, I’m very much evaluating what is transpiring and measuring that against the possible tomorrow.

A brief interview of the thoughts…… imagine that today your looking at possibilities of maybe taking on your old profession OR you can trade that for something else.. neither of which are tracking your life’s path of what really lights you up. However, you’ve also managed to pick up the path markers for at least one thing that does light you up. Now your gut feeling, despite the interjections from others, says these mile markers for this other option are beyond  your local scope.. The gypsy in you says get out and talk, be the rover.. bring the family with you and let them take advantage of the rover experience.

For those who have faithfully read my ramblings, my prose, my diatribes, and more this year so far, I am grateful.. your interest in my literary preambles that have been more of introductory thoughts to exploring will answered going forward…. maybe. Some who have been receiving coaching as clients have been going down the roads for themselves already, as have I… but the thoughts for my own experiences have not been written about yet since they’ve yet to be played out to be a chapter to write about.

For my 30 to 300 readers a day, the inspiration I get from knowing people READ and sometimes reply to what I post is amazing! My nightly routine centers around sharing with all of you what has come up for me lately (not always today, sometimes a topic sits a while in my head… ) and sharing it out as to what I’ve done. The private messages and emails have been insightful and educational to say the least.

In parting thoughts tonight, I ask you to consider this… how have I positively impacted your life and how have you put that impact into action.. more importantly, how are you paying that impact forward for others to benefit from?

Love and light, Colin

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  1. Nancy says:

    How have you impacted my life? There are more ways than one that you have impacted my life this year. You’re my mentor, one of my close friends, and in many other ways helped me create a life that is worth living and worth creating. I feel more my contract every day than I ever did with any other program I’ve been in. Thank you!
    Oh by the way! I am a Strong, Beautiful, Empowering, Worthy Woman!
    Lot’s of Love!

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