May 26, 2010


Hiking and travel

OK – I’m a little off in my posting.. I’ve been traveling and what a past few days this has been!! I’ve driven 1500+ miles, created a few dollars in the process, getting to see my dad, spending time with my bro in law Michael watching him grow through the process, fishing, taking pictures, and hiking!! Today, for a change, this Florida hiker took a trip up Marble Mountain! What an amazing feeling it was to crest at 2733 (’, look around and see all the neighboring mountains around me, talk to my dad on the little talkies we had and tell him I made it (woohoo!!) and be a part of the serenity at the altitude while enveloped in this sense of accomplishment from being focused and pacing my hike to the top. The smell of the small Christmas tree’s and the majesty of the few other pines which stood interspersed upon the mountain top with the birch tree’s was absolutely awe inspiring. I am ever grateful for the opportunity to be a participant with the activities I am doing right now and cannot wait to share them with my wife later in the year! More than anything, I am grateful for spending some time with my dad 🙂

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