January 5, 2011


Here Today, Gone Tomorrow..

Today is one of those days where I’ve been thinking a lot about the mortality of humanity… of myself, my wife, kids, friends..

Often times we see, read or hear about a passing of someone who may be an acquaintance  or person we’ve passed on the street or halls and said hello to. Sometimes its someone we know personally, one of those acquaintances we talk to but don’t really ‘hang out with’, or even closer like a family member or friend.

The reasons for their passing varies as well.. cancer.. broken heart.. car crash.. illness.. suicide.. acts of violence..

Whatever the reason, as they’re passing happens, the life leaving their body destined for whatever is next, tomorrow comes along and those of us who knew this person is left with the memories. The last words. The last hug. The last smile. The last “I love you” or “See you later..”

Those of us who are left gather in our ritualistic fashion to mourn the passing, share stories, and say goodbye..

And for today, we embrace each other in solace.. comforting one another’s souls.. allowing ourselves to be intimate (in-to-me-see) and vulnerable.. in gratitude for being Here Today… because we never know who may be Gone Tomorrow..

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  1. Tina says:

    I have grieved death many times and each time it never gets easier. The people who are left here are the ones that carry the burden of their loved ones and are left with memories. Live each day as if it were your last. We are as fragile as the “candle” in the wind. Here today, gone tomorrow. Everyday is precious and tomorrow is promised to no one. Live and love for today!

  2. ColinBulla says:

    Right on Tina… right on.

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