October 24, 2012


Growth through change…

by ColinBulla
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And just like that a few weeks has magically passed by quickly without me writing. I’ve given into accepting that there are things in life which I cannot control. I accept what life is and what comes at me a lot easier than I used to. In short, I go with the flow. Sometimes that means that a some things get pushed to the edge of the plate while other stuff gets full attention right in the middle.

Now that my personal growth thoughts are out, lets roll on! I’m enjoying my second fall here now and getting to share it with my family. We’ve had wonderful new adventures that range from watching the leaves change to taking the kids to the mountains to visit the Apple Orchards to get fresh apple cider and apples!

These adventures leaving the very tame outdoors of Southwest Florida out by the beaches have also brought with it the expansion of our homesteading activities. As previously mentioned, our farming has gone from a few chickens and ducks to include equine, goats, and added turkeys to the bird side. The flip side of that coin is sometimes things happen that create results you’re not used to working with. An example of this was one of the ducks we’ve had for a few years met a quick demise at the accidental kick of a horse who was excited to be getting dinner. We won’t talk about why ducky boy was in the paddock

2012 Fall Color
2012 Fall Color

yet, that’s an entirely different story, but in short, rather than ‘bury’ a pet it was treated as a culling and now he’s becoming dinner one night this week.

Our farming of vegetables has taken on a new level as well. The higher quality of ground to grow plants in allowed the tomatoes to thrive in ways we hadn’t seen in FL and many times production was outrunning consumption. Okra had similar results with growth of the plants and production of the edible (and my favorite) vegetable at a volume that was amazing!  Sweet potatoes are planted, some have already been harvested and been reported as “amazing” by my children who ate them. Given the area of ground covered by their vines, I suspect it will be a bountiful harvest there as well. Winter plants are planted and growing.. Having learned a few lessons from this experience so far,  we are better prepared for pre-planting and harvest times which includes preservation for future use.

Just as Summer is cruising through fall, bringing changes with it not just with the weather and tree’s, but to our family as we create our homestead that minimizes our footprint of needs to survive.

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