January 22, 2011


Going the distance..

Have you been given 30 seconds to introduce yourself and stop after 10? Ever seen a team get ‘defeated’ before the game had expired (innings, time, etc.)?

Tonight was one of those great reminder lessons to use the full amount of time given to you to achieve a goal each and every time, regardless of what the outcome may look like half way there.

The short story is we had our boys at a hockey game for our local team, the Florida Everblades. Down 2 to 0 at the end of the first period, things looked rough for the team going forward. As fans we hung in there for our team, and when the first goal was finally scored we responded with a big recharge of energy for them. The other team scored again quickly but the Blades kept working.. eventually tying the game with minutes left in regulation time!

After what seemed like a flash of time for the overtime period, it was down to alternating shots on goal to determine a winner. The Everblades 3rd man was able to eek one through to put them up by a goal.. which turned out to be the effort that won the game.

The lesson to take away.. play all the way to the end. Your efforts and determination are more likely to result in achieving your goals as a result of Going the Distance!!

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