December 3, 2010


FUN Parenting

Years ago when my wife and I first found out that we were going to be parents, people were ever so helpful with sharing advice with us. So many things, but the favorite and most common line was heard was, “Your life is going to change” with no real specifics as to how or what. Sometimes if prodded it was mentioned about recreational activities ceasing… but not much else.

Overall, I couldn’t understand why the activities would cease because I had children. Why would Kris and I give up diving, hiking, traveling, camping, etc., because we had kids? It never made sense to me. Why give up fun while parenting? Why not mix it, make it Fun Parenting!

Today was one of the many days in since having these children enter my life when I was grateful for not ceasing these previous activities and in today’s case I am happy for reintroducing an activity from my childhood and sharing it with my kids; Rollerskating. Sure my prowess on skates is a little above the average skater because as a child I spent years skating many days per week at the rink, but that has lent its hand to being a teacher to guide my kids and sharing a sport that I got so much enjoyment from. I can share with my boys the basics of skating right up to more advanced moves and maneuverability with ease as we get to spend time together as a family playing. They’re developing fitness and balance, social interaction with other kids, playing games, all while having fun with mom and dad! How cool is that?

This can be applied to general life situations as well. Being that person who is a lead by example kind of guy, add in some fun, and there is a pretty high chance that the people I’m working with are going to learn and remember what was taught. It doesn’t matter what it is being taught.. folding napkins to autopsies, everything can be turned into a little game to make learning fun.

I suppose my life did change. It changed in that I am spending more time supporting my family in more ways than just financially. It changed in that I am able to share so much of what I like to do with my wife and kids that its like we’re always having fun. It changed in that life somehow seems more rounded and fulfilling. Yeah…. having kids changed my life, in a good way!

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