November 1, 2010


Fears must be faced

300It’s strangely ironic that today on Facebook I started my day off with this simple quote in my status.

“To defend one’s self against fear is simply to ensure that one will, one day, be conquered by it; fears must be faced.” — James Arthur Baldwin

As ironic is my wife and I watched 300 this evening. I’m not sure why I have not watched it until tonight but I’m grateful that I was able to watch and enjoy the movie with the underlying theme that Freedom isn’t free, there must be a trade off of some type.

This credo can be applied across the board to virtually anything we desire ranging  from freedom of TIME to freedom of choices.

Spartans never retreatSpartans never surrender!

freedomCan it be said any clearer. To have the freedom you desire, you must be willing to never surrender and never retreat no matter how tough the task seems to be. By facing your fears in the face and attacking head on that which at times may make you want to flee, you’ll be creating your path to the freedom you seek.

The conscious choice to change your thought to change your Lifestyle is purely yours to make!

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