June 20, 2010


Fathers Day gratitude

I’m glad I didn’t write early on today. I started off by thinking I was going to write something this morning.. then late morning I was going to write again, yet again I had the thought of writing without the words flowing from my mind to my hands as would be normal for me when I am in that ‘mode’ to write. This evening as I sat, hardly focusing a weary eye on the Sunday night FOX programming it was becoming vaguely then blatantly clear that what I had to be grateful for today was the wonderful children which I have been blessed with into my life and which I am grateful for every day. Without the introduction of these wonderful little prodigies myself whom have been brought into my life, I would not have the life I have now. Though it appears to some that we are going through tumultuous times fiscal in nature, this is nothing new to us and our lessons from previous travels on the same road have prepared us for future endeavors which we may have encountered such as now. The road receiving more upheaval than any is alignment of inner self with that which future income is derived from. The transmutation of the path of now which I am traveling into the way which shapes the tomorrow future that I am willingly leaving as legacy for my amazing children and likely be administered in part by my life partner, bride and amazing wife.. that, and that alone is the path from which these times in life are finding the rolls and lulls as if upon the ocean of exploration and finding a new port. I’m ever so grateful that these oceans of journey area available for exploration with the support and love of my family. And on today, this Fathers Day in 2010, I am grateful for the woman who has chosen to stand by my side and be my biggest love and support while my life truly sets sail in search of tomorrows port! I love you Kris!

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