November 25, 2010


Family Time

Often in our hectic daily lives of the modern society family time is sacrificed in the name of commerce.. that elusive bottom line that the employee tries to maximize, the employer strives to keep as profitable as possible and marketers work tirelessly at extracting back from the paychecks of workers and into company coffers. But honestly looking at the madness of this thought process, I can’t help but see the real sacrifice in all of this: Family Time.

I’ve been there. Salaried employment, long days and weekends, those thankless hours spent away from the family sacrificing the time with them to keep someone else’s dream of a business in progress while burying your own. A sacrifice of personal freedom, the ever sacred and never to be regained commodity of time.  Yet, out of fear of loss of this income, this inflow of financial, we sacrifice ourselves senselessly, sabotaging our dreams and familyies yet grateful for that little recognition of the welfare check often referred to as “PAY”.

It’s when we’re forced to separate ourselves from the cyclic doldrums of dream suppression, placed into a new situation where the opportunity of dream pursuit is possible that we recognize that these wonderful spouses, children, parents and more have been missing from our lives in ways which round our journey’s out and complete who we are as a person.

Then it happens.. you start to doubt yourself. You start to doubt your life’s direction. You wonder why you’ve not chased a dream. Huge swaths of your life suddenly have a pointless empty feeling to them…like the drug addict or alcoholic waking up sober after years of substance abuse you see the possibility of a different life..

And you remember.. you vision yourself with your family again. Sharing family time, laughing around the dinner table, going to baseball, football, or hockey games or just to the beach one afternoon to all be together……….

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