November 15, 2014


I love Fall!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love fall? Yes, it gets cold. Yes, it means more than shorts and flip flips. But really, thats about where it stops. I get picked on some by friends in Florida who think I’m freezing and miserable. Quite the contrary friends, with the right clothing I’m quite happy actually.

Part of the reason for the choice in where I moved to was because of the climate year round. In reality its only about 10° different (lower mostly) year round which keeps the sultry summer heat down while being just cool enough to get touches of ‘winter’ that make the season more fun than the cold cutting wind off the water. Big deal, I didn’t dive in the winter anyway, wetsuits just don’t work with my shoulder.

That being said, here are some lessons and observations a bilge rat from the Southwest Florida beaches has learned about living in a cooler climate, especially fall through spring!

  1. FL mud is sloppy, NC red clay is sloppy, clogs cleats and tire tread, and very slippery! I still laugh when I slip ski down the hill to the paddock or just wipe out.
  2. The clay and sand is just more tough on denim as sweat is on the seams. I’ve worn out as many jeans with holes or rips over  3 years than I wore out of any clWP_20141106_001othing in FL.
  3. Animals are very adaptable! Our pet birds and rabbits that moved here have demonstrated a clear almost instant adaptability to the climate by adding layers of insulation almost overnight, shedding as needed, and adding again if things changed
  4. Driving in hills is a LOT of fun. Deer and wild turkey make it interesting, but less hazardous than mobs of retirees driving in my opinion.
  5. Fall colors are beautiful! It’s still amusing to see a tree change colors and get leaves again in the spring. It’s a complete antithesis of S. Florida where if a trees leaves changed colors it means it died.
  6. Gem mining and gold panning is similar to fossil hunting. Fall hunting is like being out in a fairy tale looking for treasure!
  7. It’s not uncommon to have a horse or livestock on your property and folk tending to them regardless of the weather.
  8. More people know their neighbors as well as many others in their community, have lived in one place for greater than a year or two even if not fromt here originally, and generally support local businesses before even considering a ‘box’ store.
  9. Community doesn’t have a ‘developer’ or ‘development’ attached to it. Fall, Spring and Winter activities are almost always family oriented as well!
  10. People love to get together and play music for fun, not because they’re part of a group or playing a gig all year round!
  11. Speaking of music, the word multifarious comes to mind as the best description.
  12. I’m overwhelmed by the craft breweries and wineries.
  13. Local farms are a way of life even with the ‘big ag’ pressures. I’ve been reintroduced to fresh local and seasonal foods that had disappeared as I grew older in S. Florida.
  14. I love paddling warm Florida rivers fossil hunting.. No gators to worry about in NC when gem or gold hunting and man can the water be COLD, even in Summer!
  15. Last.. but not least.. certainly important to mention: I miss my friends and family. You’re who helped shape who I am in life and for that I am ever grateful.

Soon we’ll be harvesting turkeys, rabbits, the holidays will be upon us, and time to think about what has been created, changed, and lost in the past year…

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