November 24, 2010


Drop the shields..

I was having one of those days where I was clamoring around with my focus, moving forward one step at a time with the things I had set out to do, then once Kris and the kids set about their day away from the house so was I. Keeping it clear as to how thats working, I’ve been on my bike since the van broke… this has had some remarkably positive effects aside from the obvious physical returns from just being physically active.

Lets start with one of the most obvious in that its removed the shields of the vehicle which provides a great excuse to not do so many things… such as get out and personal with people! As easy as it is for some to say ‘just use the internet’, yeah, well.. blah blah, its also just as easy to find 101 ways to sidetrack myself losing hours of valuable time when I could be actually networking with people and building my business.

A little less obvious is that without that stigma of “where do I park” I have the ability to scoot around to dozens of places talking to people, staying fluid and moving around. In doing this I’ve found that as I talk to people I am able to quickly find more people who are open or receptive to what I have to offer or moving on if they’re not.

Last thought on this is my own personal bonus. I’ve learned about many new little businesses and places to acquire items to support local business rather than box stores who take away from the community. I’m a firm believer that it all starts at home with the small businesses owned and operated by people locally that make the community function. Without these businesses, who do you go to if the box store leaves because a local economy dries up and doesn’t support it anymore.. yup, it happens!

Yes, this is totally about shifting lifestyle and choosing to be about the local businesses and building my own in the process, not just working a J.O.B. 8/5. If you’re reading this and thinking you’re due to change your lifestyle, call (239-878-2328), post a comment or email ( and lets get to work!

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