February 10, 2011


Dreamers arise…

In the last week, the world has had its eyes on Egypt. A movement started through the use of Facebook, creating an “event” and people saying they’d attend, and now through the use of current technology the faces of the younger men and women of Egypt are being seen and their voices & thoughts are being heard.

A dream hatched that has its roots in the age of technology and fast transit allowing the people of the country to travel, ‘Google’, and call family, friends and business associates world wide all while gaining knowledge of a different way of living and being.

No more will the dreamers stand for the oppressive hand of dictatorship. A hand that when it took power brought peace to a country in unrest. A hand leader whose strictness forced stability into a region which historically has swayed with conflict. A leader who brought a constitution and psuedo democracy into play. Leadership which allowed the slow growth of technological advancement to be accessed by the populace… which allowed them to learn and start to dream of making their own choices, for better or for worse.

Pride… ego… continues to stoke the fire of the dictator president as he stays in office.

To many of us who watch from far away, our hearts reach out with pride as these dreamers march forward, to have their dreams realized.. as we watch history being written live, on TV, posted on the Internet… for all the world to see the evolution of a society.

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