December 12, 2010



by ColinBulla
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Its been one of those weekends where I had something come up that needed my attention. A simple slam dunk of a process that should have taken less than an hour to handle. Yet, here it is, late on a Sunday night when, out of frustration, I have trashed the original concept that was being worked on and chose instead to go down a new road to complete the task. Two possible reasons for this exist. The first is the original concept lacked the documentation to back-up what was created, what was created was overly complex for what should have been a simple solution, thus rendering it near impossible to work with.  The second is that the first option was not a good choice and complete abandonment of the idea was necessary to move on.
Why do I mention documentation? Why is it avoided by so many people? Lets first look at what it’s definition, according to Free Dictionary:
Documentation n.
a. The act or an instance of the supplying of documents or supporting references or records.
b. The documents or references so supplied.
2. The collation, synopsizing, and coding of printed material for future reference.
3. Computer Science The organized collection of records that describe the structure, purpose, operation, maintenance, and data requirements for a computer program, operating system, or hardware device.

Without much hesitation, I think anyone who has had to work with the lack of documentation is seemingly given a detectives role to determine where the chaos ends and sanity begins as they begin to make sense of piles, scattered files, or equipment, etc..

I suppose for some this could be as much an undoing as it can be beneficial as the truth comes through untanglement of chaos. Yet there is also a freedom from having an order and documentation of what has occurred in that you can always look back to see what was done and why and choose to duplicate it or try something new. Or as I often refer to it as, “If the bus hits me file,” that place I keep the documentation of what I did making virtually any process I do duplicable and not a one time only deal that I might just forget about!

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