December 27, 2010


Do it FUN!

Lets face it, at some point in your working career you start looking at what you’re doing and think “what on earth am I doing here?”

It doesn’t even have to be a midlife crisis moment.. its just that gut check moment when you start it starts to dawn on you that you’re not in pursuit of your dreams, you’re not living that life you thought you were going to live when you were a kid.. when you were a teen.. when you were in your early 20s..

Why?? Why have you given up? Why aren’t you working with NASCAR, NFL, MLB, NHL.. why aren’t you running that surf board shop.. why aren’t you doing commercial voice overs.. why aren’t you designing that jewelry that everyone who has seen one of your crafts wants you to create that unique one of a kind piece for their wedding or anniversary?

Drilling down there is really just one thing holding you back.. it could be that conversation about time or money or both. Yeah, I’ve heard this one before. There is the subtle conversation about doubt.. but whats more than that? Fear of failure or success? Fear of responsibility?

Regardless of what it is, the sooner you find it the sooner you can get to living that dream life!  Lets face it, whats the use in working if its not fun or exciting, right?!

If you’re looking for change, coaching can be for you. I can help guide you through a process of discovering that One Thing holding you back, and coupled with coaching can help get you on the path to growth and success that will change your life taking the humdrum of the daily grind out replacing it with the pursuit of that dream of fun that you’ve always wanted! Call 239-878-2328 or email and lets get started today!

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