December 10, 2010


Customer Service

I find it odd that on days when I am working with clients myself that I find before me examples of the good, the great, and the ugly versions of customer service to remind me of how I should treat even my own clients. It’s as much of a natural knack as it is a skill when it comes to working with people… generally speaking I believe that anyone can acquire it in some form or another with reasonable proficiency as long as they’re willing to be ready to do a little “give-and-take” to create a win-win for themselves and customers.

This can be levied across virtually any business be it brick and mortar, home based, or virtual. If you struggle with keeping clients or building business it might be worth your time to look at exactly what your doing and see if its a fit for you… if you believe it is, take time to invest in personal growth be it coaching or participating in a group like Toast Masters to help improve communications skills or define what it is you really want to create with your business.

If you believe coaching can help you reach your goals or improve your customer service, call me at 239-878-2328 or email and lets get to work!

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  1. Mary Orthmann says:

    You are so right on Colin. Poor customer service leaves a sour taste for sure.

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