December 11, 2010


Customer Service another thought..

I was thinking about the customer service blog today. While we all know the motto “the customer is always right,” is a great service motto for businesses to follow, reality is the customer isn’t always right. In fact, as a customer, we’re not only not right, but when we discover that we’re wrong.. more times than not, we’re unwilling to apologize for our mistake or make amends on our own part.

This brings to bear that perhaps Customer Service is as much the customers responsibility as it is the business.

I’m going to stop with the brain dump here and leave this open for discussion…. thoughts?

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  1. J Bradley says:

    I had something like this happen just yesterday. I had agreed to sell a photograph at a heavily discounted price to a customer. As time went on I started to have misgivings about the customer. I was fine with the agreed price, but he kept putting up larger and larger red flags. Yesterday he became even more difficult with his attitude. I felt that it was important for me to end the relationship and informed him that I would fully refund his money. That’s when both personal and verbal assaults were started by him. In business – the customer is always right – until they prove otherwise. In the course of several hours and multiple tiraids – he proved he was wrong. I have no regrets about denying my business to him.

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