December 7, 2010


Create confidence with eye contact

Are you looking for a simple but effective way to work on building your self confidence? When I was young, I was given the advice always look people in the eye.. never knowing what it was really about I started doing it to everyone I met or talked to people or groups. Little did I know that what I did was create confidence in myself with eye contact that I initiated to whoever I was in the company of.

It’s a simple but effective technique of communication that has many nonverbal psychological effects as well. To the practiced observer, facial expressions, subtle mannerisms, and even the lack of eye contact by the other person.

Try practicing by just observing or watching people. Stare at people, dare them to look at you then maintain eye contact as long as you can. If they ask “what” just use a little cover story “oh, I thought you were an old friend..sorry” and move on. Stare at yourself in the mirror as well, look into your eyes and just keep staring until you can say “Oh, there you are” when you finally see YOU and recognize yourself.

More than anything, have fun practicing! If you think coaching can help you with creating an action plan and building self confidence, lets talk! Call me at 239-878-2328 or email and lets get to work!

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