November 30, 2010


Corporate or self employed – network marketing

OK – so people recoil at the thought of network marketing or running their own business, but think there is some sort of stability in a corporation.. you know, that place that is called J(ust)O(ver)B(roke). I couldn’t help but laugh at the comparison with a corporation and network marketing/self employ when the names and positions are removed. Which of these is a Corp Org Chart and which is a Network Marketing/Self Employed structure? Logically speaking, where is the better place to be in either of these charts? In the middle somewhere or the top? Thats all I think I’ll blog about today.. after a half day talking to friends who are out of work and no foreseeable resolution to that I’m leaving this example of finite vs. possibility out there to think about.

Blank Chart 1

Blank Chart 2

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