December 8, 2010


Coolest thing to happen in my life…

You know, this evening while with some friends, the question was posed “What.. as a guy, is the coolest thing you’ve had happen in your life?” It wasn’t a tough question for me, in fact, I had the answer almost immediately.

The coolest thing in my life has been the process of becoming and being a father for my boys. Marrying my wife ranks up there as well, but the coolest event that was singularly life altering for me was being present for, being that first person seen with the new eyes, touched physically and spiritually, and being present in the daily lives of my three boys.

Their births were all milestones marking points in the relationship of my wife and I growing as a couple but they also are representatives of me… who I am as a father and mentor in life.

They’ve been reminders of how to keep life fun with keen senses of adventure, competition and compassion.

Their friendship and team work amongst themselves at times skewed with the extreme opposite has been a teaching aid about being a diplomat while maintaining firm boundaries.

Instigation to remain engaged in physical athletics, reminding me of sports and times when I was younger. Allowing me to share with them activities I enjoyed as a kid and as an adult am able to enjoy and share with them.

They’e been the protagonists in my life who have kept me working towards creating the lifestyle that will allow us all to enjoy life TOGETHER and not them living life while I spend half my time away from them fulfilling someone else’s dream.

Being a father has by far been the coolest thing that has happened in my life!

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