November 5, 2010



It’s when we’re living life congruently from our thoughts, actions, words, commitments and integrity that our vows become our rules of life. A lifestyle based on honesty and our word.. the only true thing we can take to our grave.- Colin Bulla

When I shared this thought last night, little did I know that virtually everything today was going to revolve around it, including the movie that my wife and I watched to finish off the day and spend some quality time together once the kids had fallen to sleep.

For me, living a life of congruency has been a years long process of shedding layers of activities and views, attitudes with embedded fears.. releasing anger and guilt. Walking my own path, one step at a time down the road to a true freedom of the mind, body and spirit to find grounding to which my soul, my essence could finally emerge as a single unified energy in all forms. While I don’t believe that I am of a masterful state of it, I find that I am nearing more each day living of this congruent life I have been in search of to bring to me peace from which I could continue to grow the rest of my life around going forward.

Some of the more rudimentary observations I’ve had as my lifestyle has become more congruent is that I am attracting people around me who are of the same mindset. I’m attracting great people who have a spiritual grounding that I have been searching for and have been amazing guides to get me to that point and I have been attracting awesome men and women who are skilled in creating businesses which create financial abundance with Numis, my other home based business, in an honest fashion.

I’ve been blessed with having feedback reinforcing my congruent living as well. I’m starting to build my business at a time when others are struggling to come up with “what to do” and my family and close friends are all showing amazing growth in their own journey’s as we all provide support for one another in ways that is supportive and free from destructive attitudes.

If you’re not living a lifestyle congruent with your dreams, lets talk… 239-878-2328 or Email me at – I would love to help you find your inspiration to live a congruent inspired life!

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