February 6, 2011


Clean out the old, make room for new

Today while cleaning the chicken coop, I couldn’t help think how what I was doing was cleaning out crap… and grass… and wood pellets that had seen better days.

Of course.. my mind started to tie it to personal growth work and a sort of therapeutic mindset took over.. out with old stuff to make room for the new.

Load after load on a pitch the pitchfork.. shovel full after shovel full.. three wheel barrow loads later, 5 cinder blocks, 3 pieces of wire shelving,  I had an empty coop. I also had several very confused hens who were in and out of the coop several times while it was empty while making some very confused sounds.

The coop has a new perch (in with the new), changed the location of the water and food for easier access (more new), fresh clean hay spread about the floor of the coop,  and took all the materials from inside and spread it around area’s of the yard which are not doing as well with natural fertilizers (paying some forward).  The new lay out gives them all more room as well.

As of this evening, we were already rewarded with 4 eggs from our girls! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings as more old is cleaned up moved out for new things to come!

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