May 5, 2010


Cinco de Mayo – a reason for gratitude!

If you’re new to my writing, you may not realize that I like to have fun when I write sometimes. OK, thats partially true.. a lot of times when I write I like to have fun. Truth be told though, even when I have a topic in mind, I never know what will be flowing from head to hand, it just happens in a free flow fashion and what is put out for others to read may get one or two grammatical revisions but otherwise left intact. Today I’m on a roll about Cinco de Mayo and why it is a day of gratitude for so many.

I know it sometimes doesn’t look, read, or act like it, but in the United States of America we’re blessed to be culturally diverse. Many heritages represented in one community, often times missed because of the unity of speaking the same language with only the twangs of localized or regional accents. Of the many things we have in common is the celebration of freedom when striking out at overwhelming numbers which are presented to us, the whole premise of which is where holidays such as Cinco de Mayo come from.

Today, as the recognition of the Mexican Army’s defeat of the occupying French Army at the city of Puebla is celebrated as Gratitude to the soldiers who stood against an army twice its size (4000 Mexican soldiers to 8000 French) and better equipped, I can’t help but think of what I am grateful for in my life. I am not Mexican, nor do I pretend to be one on TV, but the historical impact of this echo’s through the America’s to this day.

**Significant Historical note: since the Battle of Puebla no country in the Americas has been invaded by an army from another continent.**

What does this all this really boil down to? I am celebrating the freedom of being me! Overall I’m really in a great mood and having a whole LOT of fun with creating the new career path I’m on! I love the open pathways to creativity that I have showing up all around me as I acknowledge opportunities that are being presented and evaluating them before moving on or accepting. I am absolutely grateful for my path that has been divinely placed down for me to walk as my journey in life and look forward to what comes next! That if it weren’t for those standing before us to help create the pathways to these freedoms we might not have the celebrations of life that we live today.

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