December 4, 2010


Charity for Networking

Today I had the pleasure to spend time in service to the community. Anyone who knows me, this is a common place for me.. giving to others, paying forward so that others may benefit from the efforts of myself and others have come together to give.. being willing to tithe of myself for the greater good of our One Human Family.

Though, while in service to so many, it became obvious today that those who I was shoulder to shoulder with, supporting soup pot and burner with while they ladled out to supporters and contributors to the event, the people who were stepping up as peers in self tithing were those who are community leaders who chose to give of themselves as well. Being a part of the giving a back to the community which supports them, who elects them to represent as one.. a humbling way of giving thanks to the community which chooses who represents them ballot by ballot at election day. The ability to share with these representatives, the people who deserve to hear our voices and genuine concerns were there to reach out today and learn… and they did.

Today they heard about our concerns with small businesses, with home-based businesses, with the entrepreneurial challenges and  ideas for community oneness which we can all participate in. I feel fortunate in that we were received with what seemed to be more than the basic of generic responses but with sincerity that what we were bringing forward carried with it validity supported by our association of community give back and choice to listen and be an invitation for further discussion rather than go on the offensive with views and opinions.

If you’re reading and thinking “geeze.. did the use of Charity for Networking really happen?” the answer is simple: Yes.

Let that be a lesson for all. The use of a common cause to create a common ground opens doors for discussions with many who are otherwise inaccessible. In every instance of association the question “What do you do?” invariably came up.

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