November 11, 2010


Change a thought, change your life!

Today has been an interesting day for me. I’ve have the pleasure to meet new people, to learn from some whom I had already had the chance to meet, and to share with others what I am doing to bring my dreams to reality with financial abundance that will comfortably support the lifestyle I want to live.

Much of this is simply being achieved by working at changing a life long series of thoughts and personal agreements which I have lived my life by. The agreements of hard work, a long career, and so many others which if you’re in that daily cycle of “work” for others, helping other people create their vision today with hopes of creating your dream sometime in the future… yeah, you’re relating to this right now.

As easy as it sounds, “Change your thought and you’ll change your life,” its been a challenge completely in and of itself. This deprogramming of these stupid agreements which I have had with others as the “right thing to do,” completely at the expense of my own personal well being has been the biggest obstacle to surmount. Of course, this is closely followed by the analysis and over complication of the most simple of tasks… not in the name of achieving great things, but when looked at in the most rudimentary of form, because every facet of every task in the business world in which many of us work has been intentionally over complicated in order to fill hours a day with useless busy work to justify the paychecks received and continued existence within these little hell zones.

Enough of talking of the past, thats yesterday. Thats the old news. I’m moving forward. I’m writing a new story of myself. I’m creating the script in life that I want to follow.

The results of which have slowly been coming to light. Thanks in part to some great teachers I’ve been able to bring to light many little beliefs which have been carrying in my head struggling with the reality of what I wanted to create for myself so I could enjoy living a life shared with my family.

Daily, I find myself  saying is “the thing you fear doing mostis the thing you most need to do!” Whether its meeting 20 new people and asking them to look at my business opportunity with Numis or my portfolio of websites, its stepping beyond the technology which I have used daily for over 20 years and talking directly to people and asking for what I want.

In a nutshell, thats how I am going about changing my thought to change my life! If want to change your thought and think coaching can help you, lets get to work. Call me at 239-878-2328 or E-mail at and lets get to work! You deserve to have the life of your dreams!

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