January 20, 2011


Building relationships

I’ve really been amazed this past few weeks with phone calls, re-connects or reach outs in various ways, and even a few surprise visits from people. It seems a common theme for 2011, at least as far as January seems to be going, is “Building Relationships” by strengthening the ones which have already been created in the past.

I’m finding that as these relationships have reconnected and been allowed to foster the rekindling of the active friendships, its offered the ability to create a new intimacy with the friendships which have existed all this time.

Just to be clear, when I talk about intimacy I don’t mean about some hot and passionate moments followed by some reflection time watching a sock going round and round lazily on the ceiling fan thinking “well.. thats certainly not something you see every day!” and “OH! I hope it doesn’t fly off, hit the wall and fall behind the dresser.” I’m speaking about “In To Me See”, allowing others to see a genuine self and relating with true and honest unmasked communication in all form.

Getting back on track with building relationships. There comes a time in a persons life when the realization of the relationships being built is more that merely being recognized as that guy people know at the office or gym who is fun and usually has the answer. It’s when the relationships start to develop trust and confidence, a sense of comradery coupled with team and that feeling of inclusiveness “we are doing this together, working towards a common goal,” when the maturation of Relationship Building is being realized.

Yet, at times, this is confused with Leadership.. an entirely different subject all the way around.

When looking at the relationships in your life, here are some key indicators you’ve got great relationships built with family, friends and associates. The relationship is the kind that without a doubt you can rely upon those people to be honest with feed back when asked. The people in the relationship are open to hearing what you have to say, not just prepping the next answer. The people you’ve built relationships with are willing to share with you knowing you’ll be a good ear but not tell them “What you should do is.” And most importantly recognizing we’re all on different journey’s and save our judgments for our own decisions, no where else.

From our personal life to our business life, the relationships we’ve built can effect us for life if they’re built upon a good foundation. Strongly built friendships are irreplaceable, strongly built business relationships can follow us for a lifetime helping built prosperity for everyone involved.

Colin Bulla is a Certified Life Coach and Professional Network Marketer. Call 239-878-2328 or email colin@colinbulla.com to arrange an interview to receive coaching or to work with his amazing networking team of sharp men and women changing their financial stars!


  1. Batia Love says:

    Right one My New Friend . .
    Mad Respect, batia love

  2. Batia Love says:

    Nicely said. I love eet! if only the whole World would read this!!!
    B Lovable, B Loved! B Love

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  5. Jennifer says:

    Wow, that’s a wonderful article!

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