December 1, 2010


Breaking Routine!

If you’re like I am, falling into a routine not only comes natural and easy, but sneaks up on you at times when you think you’re making headway towards goals. It’s crazy how quiet it actually slips in, hindering you from hitting or attaining that mark by lulling you into a comfort zone that used to be ‘the uncomfortable.’

It’s because of how easy it is to slip into ‘routine’ or a comfort zone that is a driving force for me to work on ensuring that when I am planning my tomorrow, something that IS routine for me at night, that I make sure my day’s are not able to be ‘copy and pasted’ from another day. Aspects of days may look similar but to have them look the same but rarely can be compared to a previous experience. For instance, a breakfast time work hour or two down at the Tuckaway Bagel and Waffle Cafe on the beach may be me finishing a website or it might be two hours of chat and networking meeting new people. Even then, to be to the same location more than a few times a month, once a week at best, is the max. This keeps each visit fresh with new information, people, experiences, etc., all being able to be brought forward by everyone to share.

Working out or out of doors activities all deserve to have variations to the routines as well. From shadow boxing to getting creative with yard work, hiking with a backpack of ‘stuff’ to add some extra weight to the workout instead of treadmill walking at a gym, these variations inspire the mind and senses along with the fitness benefits.

By breaking routine, sometimes even treading down new roads, new opportunities and variety are allowed to enter our lives. It helps alleviate Mondayitis, “Humpday”, weight loss plateau, boredom, and ADD (Adventure Deficit Disorder). Wouldn’t you say you owe it to yourself to break routine and try something new?!

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