January 1, 2011



It’s been a running theme over the last few days, even brought up in commercials: Belief.

Some have brought up belief as religious reference, but even those who belief: look into your eye and believe..did brought up belief of self and belief in the team or the group as a whole. That has been a consistent recurring theme.

This belief in self was about being elevated to a point higher than the doubts, the “What If..”, that hesitation that the end goal couldn’t be accomplished for some reason.

The belief was about embracing personal and team strengths. Believing that the goal, though being a humongous challenge, was theirs to attain and as a result it was achieved!

Let this be the year you step beyond FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real.. I’ve also heard the ultimate fear being F*** Everything And Run!), that you are going to have live the life of your dreams this year. The belief that when you look yourself in the eye every day in the mirror you believe in yourself so much that there is no such thing as failure in your life. The belief that no matter the outcome, you’re on the journey in life that you’re supposed to be on!

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