December 21, 2010


Being There..

So often I read about parents who are absent from their kids lives, working many jobs or have one job that is so time consuming that it results in them being absent from much of their lives. I even had one or more of the same experience myself.

Tonight, we were blessed with the gift of tickets to our cheer on our local hockey team. It was a first time experience for our boys to see this game played live in some way other than on TV and it was capped complete with a 4-2 win and a fight in the 2nd period. They had, for a first time visit, a rather complete experience!

What was just as exciting is I was there, with my wife, to share in this experience. A project at ‘work’ didn’t have me taken away.

Granted, my income has taken a drop through the floor.. but in the past year I’ve been able to experience things with my kids that I was only hearing about on the phone before.

One thing is for certain, as I steadily work to reclaim the income that vaporized on November 13 of 2009, I am finding it difficult to eliminate the freedom of family time this period of time has alloted to me.

There is a lot to be said for “Being There” for your family and not Being Somewhere else while they grow and learn.

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