January 22, 2011


Being there..2

I’ve shared some thoughts on reflection of thoughts.. looking at back at the days experiences to see what layers can be peeled back to glean the gifts or lessons sometimes so subtly hidden in that most obvious spot. An experience that I was able to utilize today while sharing what fond memories, gifts, and lessons she’s brought to my life.

Yet it was her birthday party. Never knowing what her the cancer she’s battling has in store for her, we chose to utilize this moment to share with her.

But it steps beyond just reflection. Today, while looking at her from a few feet away with the microphone perched precariously near my mouth, I realized that the words shared were just that.. words. Yes they were from me to her, yet the moment I stood there it became exceptionally evident that it was really about being there for her. Being there to share in a moment in time where we reflected upon the growth, love, support, and guidance she provided for me.. my wife… our family. The friendship gained, the trust earned.. the lifelong lasting impact by a person who genuinely cared to see where we were stepping forward to next and allowing her to bask in the glow of the recognition of this support and love so freely proffered.

Life has this genius way of forcing reminders into the forefront of how we should reach a hand out to friends in need or speak to those we love more often reminding them how much we love them and value them in our lives. I’m grateful that I for these reminders and opportunities, being there for my family and friends as they are for me.

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