November 23, 2010



It was one of those beautiful Southwest Florida mornings in mid-fall with the temperatures in the upper 60’s closing in on an 80 degree day. I was outside with the kids while my wife was running errands. With a dozen of the little orange athletic field cones placed out in the grass in 3 rows of three, I set to work with the kids teaching the basics, calf and toe raises, stretching, skipping, etc, to help them improve their speed in their respective sports. Good for them, good for me… good to cover the basics!

And this theme carried forward through my entire day. Keeping everything basic,not thinking to hard on the process. This was evident when talking to new prospects about Numis Network or options for Lifestyle coaching… I stuck to the basics, gave only the 30 second elevator speech and no more than the two minute explanation, passing the information to them to see the website and video, getting follow up information and moving on. In a nutshell, thats the basics.

So why is it that so often we find that we’ve strayed from the basics and created a more complicated scenario from which we’re trying to work from?

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