October 25, 2010


Attract your true love by falling in LOVE with yourself!

I’ve been sharing with friends for years that before they can ever consider that they’ll attract someone will fall in love with them,  they first need to love thyself truly and honestly. In short, being appreciate what you have in life, who you are right now in order to bring more love to you. The people you are with, those who you attract to you, will mirror or reflect those inner feelings right back to you..

love-affirmation-Law-of-AttractionIt all starts by looking into the mirror and falling in love with yourself. Being in love with the person behind the eyes, that spirit and soul. This is such an old truth, but one we want to skip over. It’s easier to think about plastic surgery, losing weight, or finding a new tool to use to enhance our love, or to find that perfect partner, rather than going to the source and learning to love and accept ourselves more deeply. But as we do, love and intimacy abounds with those currently in our lives, or those who are about to enter it.

Slow down. Take 2 minutes today and simply stare into a mirror, repeat silently to yourself “I love and accept you completely just as your are right now”. Even if it feels uncomfortable, repeat this daily. And watch your world change.

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