November 6, 2010


Asking for permission…

It sounds funny right? Asking for permission from someone before you share a thought. As easy as “Are you open to some coaching?” or “Do you keep your options open?” Sounds easy right… or is it?

Over the past few years coaching I’ve naturally used this line to test the waters to see if a client was closing up or keeping that open mind to working through a challenge or sharing more about a particular concept. For the most part, its served well with good results.. of course there is always the exception to the rule which is never expected, mind blowing and something remembered for a very long time, but that bridge is crossed when gotten to!

I’m finding this same basic concept of asking for permission holds true with network marketing. Being quiet, listening to other talk about their own activities and views, then asking a permission question “Do you keep your options open?” It opens the door to be the invitation to look at the business opportunity you want to share.

In time and with a little practice, learning to be an invitation becomes a way of being, naturally attracting those who genuinely are open to new ideas directly to you.

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