December 6, 2010


Adventure Deficit Disorder

So here you are.. all grown up, graduated college or in college and getting to be an employee in that first ‘real world’ job that doesn’t have your name on a name tag. How exciting! Finally getting some of that recognition with a recognizable title on a resume and a desk with a phone thats got an extension just for you! A few months go by, the newness of the special desk and phone starts to go by the wayside… its not long before someone notices and starts giving you coaching on how to ‘play the game’ to make the days go by easier, so you’re always looking busy without being overly committed into more than you can handle….. and you’re bored! Half of your time at your desk is spent day dreaming of what your going to do this weekend or on that treasured two weeks of vacation time you’ll be getting in 11 months, provided its not cancelled because you’re on a company project that requires your presence.

At some point it suddenly becomes clear… your not just bored but you miss the adventure of when you were younger. You miss those adventures of going to who knows where on a moments notice. You are suffering from Adventure Deficit Disorder! You start to feel as if your going to go insane if you don’t change your life.. your lifestyle..

The question is, what are you going to do to change it? If you’re suffering from ADD (Adventure Deficit Disorder) and think that coaching may be able to help you, lets talk! Call 239-878-2328 or email ( and lets help you create a coaching plan to help you create the lifestyle you want to live!

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