December 5, 2010


Action produces opportunities

by ColinBulla
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Are you open and willing to embrace, seize or otherwise capture new opportunities while in pursuit of other goals? They can help propel you to achieving a goal that you’re working towards, but the trick is to stay open to the opportunity and be willing to know when to pass on an opportunity which may actually detract from achieving the goal you’re in pursuit of.

Of course, what good is one of my blogs without something good to back it up. Today we took the family fossiling in the Peace River, a great past time which keeps us

Fossil Shark Teeth
Common shark teeth fossils

all outside engaged as a team while hunting for traces from our prehistoric past. The odds of a bone or tooth becoming fossilized are extremely slim, none the less there are locations where these remnants can be found.. just like hidden little opportunities. Digging and patience will yield many of the common results, for us here in Southwest Florida fossiling it means finding lots and lots of smaller shark teeth, occasionally rewarded with something more rare.  Every once in a while someone will pull one of the rare finds in an early shovel load with these amazing results showing up in their sifting screens… more often than not it takes time and returning to the locations where fossils can be found and keeping an eye open for new areas which may yield the positive results being sought after.

This analogy might sound a bit like a business theory or personal growth book, and reality is they’ve all plagiarized this from following us around fossiling area’s to learn the secrets to discovering something thats been hidden for millions of years. No..??? Well at the very least they share this in common.

First is the practice of learning something new. The new is usually in learning to identify many of the commonly found fossils. If you’re like me you’ll end up with a huge collection of them which is gladly dispersed to anyone asking for a little trinket or souvenir.

Second is when you’ve scored some milestone achievement. For most Fossil hunters in Florida its the coveted Megalodon tooth. For many the achievement of finding one of these teeth is a true capstone of most any day of searching.

Mastadon Tiba and Megalodon teeth
Mastadon Tiba and Megalodon teeth

There is the third level as well. When you’re really in the right place at the right time, rare or unique items can show up which become prized collection pieces. For me, it was the discovery of a Juvenile Mastadon Tibia found while diving, for another friend its the entire leg from a Mammoth complete with toes.. and for another friend it was discovering an entire blue whale skeleton and its calf both completely intact in a local river. It’s that high level of achievement and curiosity of “whats else is out there” that keeps us going back.

The same principles applied to daily life be it in personal growth, business, relationships or even in pursuit of new financial returns,  the ability to stay open to the possibility that something new can be found around every corner, every time the shovel digs into the sand and raises a new load of matrix to sift thought.. the possibility that the opportunity to discover something new or receive a sought after step of achievement each time you’re in action, you could be just just one shake of the sifter from achieving that goal you’re after!

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