November 29, 2010


A few minutes for HEALTH

Following along with a good tradition of listening to my body when things don’t feel right, I visited the my chiropractor today after working through a lot of discomfort over the weekend. Sparing the details, I was in pretty rough shape that required quite a bit of work to work out the kinks.

Reality is I started feeling these kinks and aches weeks ago but of course over the holiday weekend is when it all chose to really tighten up.

Lesson to take away, follow the instinct of what your body is saying and what you know works. In my case, though correctable, I am now being forced to take some odd down time and allow my body a little recoup time from the adjustments (and some liberal ice time).

That being said, for you readers, listen to your body and take that time to address those aches and pains. Personal health being addressed and kept in top notch shape will support that ambition and drive to an end goal than just ‘soldiering on’!!

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