April 22, 2010


Awakening Awareness

by ColinBulla
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I’ve been reading quite a bit lately and probably because of the nature of the books I am reading, the theme of “thinking like an employee” vs. “thinking like an entrepreneur” has definitely been the recurring stand out for me.  That there is a paradigm shift from just being the guy who in parts builds someone elses dream for a limited piece of the pie vs. being the visionary who see’s a bigger picture and proceeds to make his own pies (why stop at one?) to feed his own desires and share with others along the way. And as if by some sort of evidence was needed, several friends shared their plights with job challenges, or lack there of, right down to the capped income potential.

Why is it that so many choose to not engage chasing their dreams and possibilities but instead choose to settle, oft times unhappily, merely acting as a servant for others to attain theirs? Why do some who are pursuing goals sometimes just ‘give up’ and take on the servants role? Was it the lack of goals, was the pursuit unrewarding, or was it that it just wasn’t their lifes purpose to be doing this?

Some thoughts to explore in future blogs..

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