July 5, 2010


Gratitude: It starts with self..

by ColinBulla
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I find that with most things I write I focus mainly on the gratitude of what I have achieved over the last 24 hours, or at least it is perceived as happening as such. Simply speaking, gratitude at any given moment in is truly about what is in the present and only in the present, the gratefulness of what is here now.

Some examples: I am grateful for the moment now where you may be sitting in doors where it is cool and comfortable. I am grateful to be able to overcome my injuries and still be active and provide for my family. I am grateful for hot water when I shower!
Well, those are some of my favorite things to be grateful for anyway, your choices may be different based on your life experiences. The most important thing to avoid usage of words such as “don’t” (e.g. I’m grateful I don’t have broken pipes in the bathroom walls) and to remember is to stay positive (e.g. I’m grateful for plumbing that works flawlessly!).

Today as I write this, I am grateful for the influx of financial abundance which is closing the gaps on what I we have and what we need to pay on our bills!

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